What They're Saying About Jonathan Tsipis

Jonathan Tsipis mingles with fans after he is introduced as the ninth head coach of George Washington women's basketball.

April 10, 2012

Announcement on ESPN during NCAA Women's National Championship Game

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Bob Poogach ('73) - Season-Ticket Holder since 1973
"I think this is a really strong selection. Coming from a national program, he was clearly a national-statured assistant, so I think it's a real coup that GW was able to land him. Muffet McGraw is one of the top coaches in the women's game, so the fact that he was with her for as long as he was means something. He comes across as very organized, very goal-oriented, and I think you kind of see the vision as it is playing out. It's easy to see with (men's basketball) Coach Lonergan and now with Coach Tsipis that they are basketball junkies and really understand the balance between having a good team on the court and having good citizens off the court. GW clearly landed one of the top assistants in the country. I think it's pretty exciting."

Craig Linebaugh - Faculty Athletics Representative
"I have had a long-standing interest in the women's basketball program, and I think we are seeing the beginning of a new era. Now that we have the Strategic Plan, we have a very specific vision moving forward. I think we made a great hire with Patrick Nero as our athletic director, Mike Lonergan (as men's basketball coach) - I think that kind of momentum that we are starting to see is what allows you to recruit a coach like Jonathan Tsipis. When you're the associate head coach at a program that has gone to two national championships, you're a pretty attractive candidate for almost any head coaching job in the country. That he would choose to come to GW speaks volumes about the commitment the university has made to the athletics department. He's been successful everywhere. I like his record of accomplishment over an extended period of time, his association with winning, successful programs. He is coming from a program that understands the role of academics and has a high graduation rate. When you compare 100 percent graduation rates with his success on the court, it doesn't get any better than that. I like his style; I have watched him on the sidelines and I love his enthusiasm and his energy. I think he is going to be a great coach for GW, and I am absolutely thrilled that we were able to bring him here."



Steven Knapp - George Washington University President
"He has a proven record of helping student-athletes succeed in the classroom as well as on the basketball court. In other words, he's somebody who really is dedicated to the ideal of the student-athlete, which is such a hallmark and an emphasis of our program here at George Washington. I was really struck - in fact inspired - by his visible and quite passionate commitment to the whole concept of the student-athlete."

Bonnie Morris - Professor of Women's Studies and Season-Ticket Holder since 1994
"I am very impressed with his introduction. I like that he presented himself as interactive and emotional and not somebody who is just going to sit on the bench. I think everybody here likes to see passion. I have found that the players I have taught are very sound academically, and I really appreciate how he emphasized the part of `student' in `student-athlete.'"

Col. Mike Brownell - 10-Year Season-Ticket Holder
"I am really enthused about the new coach. I am very impressed; it looks like we have great campus support from the president on down, and a real desire to put GW back on the map."

Sarah-Jo Lawrence ('08) - GW Women's Basketball 1,000-Point Scorer
"I'm extremely pleased to see as established a coach as Jonathan Tsipis become our new head women's basketball coach here at GW. Coach Tsipis seems eager to improve and elevate our women's basketball program, which is something all of us - former players, fans and the entire Department of Athletics and Recreation - can get behind. Coach Tsipis' enthusiasm and commitment to re-establishing a winning women's basketball program, as an alumna of the program, makes me really excited to see what comes next. I'm hoping he takes GW Women's Basketball further than we've ever been. I've always been an avid supporter and fan, but hiring Coach Tsipis makes me even more proud to `Raise High the Buff and Blue!'"

Sara Mostafa - GW Senior Center
"Just knowing he came from that championship pedigree shows us that he knows how to win, and it shows us that we're going to buy into his system because of that. I think before maybe we didn't know how to win, so knowing that he knows how to win is really going to motivate us to listen to everything he says and absorb it."

Tara Booker - GW Senior Forward
"Watching Notre Dame games, we see his passion. It's evident when you watch him coach on the sidelines, and I'm excited to have that here. Notre Dame is a great school that has been successful, and I'm sure he played a huge factor in that, so I'm excited that he can bring that hard work and that kind of work ethic here to GW."

Doris Burke - ESPN
"He is a tremendous coach, an even better guy. George Washington should be thrilled."

Gene Wang - The Washington Post
"George Washington introduced Jonathan Tsipis as its new women's basketball coach on Friday afternoon at a reception overlooking the Smith Center court that for years was home to a nationally recognized program. Tsipis, who called this opportunity `a dream come true,' will try to push the Colonials back to those heights and perhaps beyond in his first head coaching position following a distinguished nine-year run as an assistant at Notre Dame."

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