French 101 With GW Women's Hoops


Aug. 7, 2014

WASHINGTON - Less than a week away from its 10-day European tour, which will include six days in France, the George Washington women's basketball team learned some basic conversational French which they can use during their stay in Paris, Marseille and Nice.

GW adjunct professor Joseph Sene taught the Colonials important phrases, including how to introduce themselves, to say they play basketball at GW, and even how to order a steak. And most importantly, they learned how to say Raise High - plus haut.

"Now I believe we'll be able to have conversations with people in France, and we'll be able to order our food now," said senior Chakecia Miller.

"It was the only French class I've ever taken, so it was very helpful - everything was brand new," said sophomore Hannah Schaible.

The GW women's basketball team will spend 10 days abroad in England and France from Aug. 13-23, making stops in London, Paris, Marseille, Nice and Monaco.



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