Women's Rowing Varsity 8 Qualifies for Final at San Diego Crew Classic

April 1, 2017

Official Results

b>SAN DIEGO - George Washington women's rowing's Varsity 8 came through with a top-three finish in its morning heat on Saturday on Mission Bay to clinch a spot in Sunday's Varsity 8+ Cal Cup Grand Final.

"It was a good morning of racing and I am proud of the way the Varsity 8 handled the pressure to produce a solid heat to qualify for the Grand Final," said head coach Eric Carcich.

GW tallied a time of 6:56.440 across the 2,000-meter course and was just four seconds off the pace of heat winner Tennessee (6:50.685) and three seconds behind second-place Loyola Marymount (6:56.440).

The Colonials finished multiple lengths ahead of Atlantic 10 rival Saint Joseph's (7:05.669) as well as home-state crews Saint Mary's (7:08.058) and UC Santa Clara (7:28.401).

Advancing to Sunday's Grand Final out of the first heat was Stanford (6:47.573), San Diego State (6:55.237) and Sacramento State (6:57.39).

"Sunday's Grand Final will be a great one with some really high-quality crews. I am very excited to see us elevate our game once again," said Carcich.

Varsity 8 Cal Cup Heat B
1. Tennessee 6:50.685
2. Loyola Marymount 6:53.435
3. George Washington 6:56.440
4. Saint Joseph's 7:05.669
5. Saint Mary's 7:08.058
6. UC Santa Clara 7:28.401

Coxswain: Lydia Barber
8: Kira Palmer
7: Clare Keller
6: Charlotte Smith
5: Audrey Herberger
4: Jaimie Snelgrove
3: Elizabeth Brighton
2: Sarah Reswow
1: Tiffany Smith



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