Softball's Tejcek, Weber Make Most of Break

Riley Tejcek (left) and Faith Weber spent a week of winter break volunteering in Florida.
Riley Tejcek (left) and Faith Weber spent a week of winter break volunteering in Florida.
Jan. 31, 2018

While most students choose to go home during winter break and unwind from a busy semester, some prefer to use their time off to give back.

Count GW softball's Riley Tejcek and Faith Weber among the latter category.

"Once I heard of the GW Alternative Breaks Program, I knew it was immediately something I would love to do," said Weber. "Service has always been an important part of my life, so doing it with 20 other passionate individuals for a week in Florida was a no brainer."

GW's Alternative Breaks Program features 11 trips that give students the opportunity to do community service around the globe. Tejcek and Weber traveled to Gainesville, Florida, from Jan. 7-14 for some hands-on experience in sustainable farming.

"In Florida we went to two different sustainable farms in the area and helped them harvest vegetables and other crops, plant crops, remove trees, help turnover new fields and learned a lot from informational sessions with the farmers," Tejcek said. "We also turned a nonprofit fitness center backyard into a garden by clearing the land, building five planting beds, and then creating the whole area into farming land with the beds."

Tejcek and Weber returned to Foggy Bottom to get ready for their spring on the diamond with valuable lessons and eager for the next adventure.

"Sometimes, as college students, and especially as athletes, it can be easy to get stressed out," Weber said, "but this trip really put things into perspective for me in how I want to do everything in life with a purpose."

"On this trip, we really stepped out of our comfort zone with a brand new group of people." Tejcek added. "I can't wait to go again next year and share with the athletic community the work we did to spread the word to make an impact!"



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