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Day 3: Venice & Codogne, Italy

Both the GW and Volley Codogne teams gather for a group picture after their "friendly match" on Monday night.
Both the GW and Volley Codogne teams gather for a group picture after their "friendly match" on Monday night.

March 18, 2008

VENICE, ITALY - Venice was so stupendous that it was impossible for us to cover the entire city in just one day. Therefore, we came to a group consensus to return for another day. Personally, I do not think we could have made a better decision. While yesterday it was rainy and cloudy all afternoon, today there was nothing but sunshine. We split up into groups, one group embarked on the epic journey to find Accademia, getting lost a few times along the way. But getting lost in Venice is anything less than an inconvenience; every back ally, canal and balcony is just as breathtaking as the next.

We did eventually locate the hidden Accademia, and its contents proved worth the search. The other group had an equally as amazing time, enjoying a gondola ride through the beautiful canals. And as always, we took advantage of the incredible shopping.... and food! I think I ate gelato a total of four times while I was in Venice... and I wasn't the only one (....cough Chelsea Cramer cough....) Its just so hard to resist! Every shop was packed full with gorgeous glass jewelry and masks. I am pretty sure that every GW volleyballer left Venice with a mask.

After leaving Venice it was off to our first game in Italy! Our opponent: Volley Codogne, a B1 professional Italian team of the 3rd Division. We struggled the first two games; it took us a while to get comfortable. The other teams' serving was phenomenal and they were really in control the entire time. They basically schooled us you could say. We really pulled it together the last three games, by improving our defense and being more aggressive hitters. I think we all just became more and more confident as the games progressed, and that made all the difference. We lost all five of the games but we definitely took a lot away from them. After the game, we exchanged tee shirts with them .....and took a group picture by the net.

We went to dinner directly after the game with the coaches from another team that we will be playing, one of which was from Argentina which gave Abby and Chelsea a chance to demonstrate their Spanish skills. For dinner we had what seemed like endless mounds of out-of-this-world pasta. I think that the waitresses were a little surprised at the amount of food we consumed. Tomorrow we check out of our quaint little Italian hotel and head to Slovenia!



PS: the Italians don't celebrate St. Patrick's day ....bummer. x10.

PSS: Our hotel manager's name is Paollo... and he never sleeps.

PSSS: AJ hasn't been late for a single thing yet!!

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