GW Volleyball Preseason Blog Series

Aug. 11, 2014

Each day during the preseason, the George Washington volleyball team will be providing updates via video blog entries on

Stay tuned each day as entries will be posted below!

Day Fifteen - Aaliya Davidson and Maggie Skjelbred

Day Fourteen - Kelsey Newman and Christina Porada

Day Thirteen - Jordan Timmer and Loren Williams

Day Twelve - Jessy Ober and Landon Garvik

Day Eleven - Emily Clemens and Emily Newell



Day Ten - Maddy Doyle and Chidima Osuchukwu

Day Nine - Aaliya Davidson and Natalie Leger

Day Eight - Christina Porada and Kelsey Newman

Day Seven - Alumni BBQ

Day Six - Maggie Skjelbred and Natalie Leger

Day Five - Chidima Osuchukwu and Maddy Doyle

Day Four - Landon Garvik and Jessy Ober

Day Three - Emily Newell and Emily Clemens

Day Two - Loren Williams and Jordan Timmer

Day One - Kelsey Newman and Landon Garvik

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