GW Women's Water Polo Team Raising Funds for AIDS Walk Washington

Junior attacker Jessie Hurd and her women's water polo teammates are continuing to raise funds beyond their initial $1,000 goal for this weekend's 25th annual AIDS Walk Washington.

Oct. 25, 2011

WASHINGTON - Already past its initial goal of raising $1,000, the George Washington women's water polo team is continuing to raise funds for the 25th annual AIDS Walk Washington set to take place this Saturday, Oct. 29.

The women's water polo team's efforts, spearheaded by junior Jessie Hurd, have led to $1,200 raised for the walk so far, with an increased goal of $1,500 set after reaching its previous target of $1,000.

"I think it's definitely attainable," said Hurd, an attacker from Pearland, Texas. "I'm proud that everyone on the team contributed to accomplishing our goal and has shown their support in one way or another. It means a lot to me, and the money we raise will mean a lot to the people it helps."

Hurd and senior teammate Monica Hanson have helped mobilize their teammates into action for this weekend's event, but it's not the program's first foray into community service projects. Last year, the team hosted a food drive for the district's Ronald McDonald House and also participated in the DC Homelessness Walk.

"We hope to be even more involved this year in response to [Director of Athletics and Recreation] Patrick Nero's call for student-athletes to perform community service," said Hurd. "We feel like the district offers so many opportunities in our four years here as students and athletes, so it's important for us to give back in some way."

Hurd has been volunteering with AIDS Walk Washington since returning to the distrct following a summer internship with an AIDS services organization in Austin, Texas. "I wanted to continue to do something related when I got back to school this year. I originally got interested because the district has such high rates of infection, and HIV/AIDS is completely preventable."

With Hurd's involvement and the initiative of Hanson and fellow seniors Allison Peotter and Megan Walker, the women's water polo team decided to make this event a priority.



"We decided to take it on as our first team-service project. The whole team has been involved in fundraising. We just wanted a project that would affect the D.C., area, and this walk is something that really brings the whole community together."

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