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With newly renovated facilities in both Charles E. Smith Center and Mount Vernon Lloyd Gym, the Strength & Conditioning staff can better optimize the student-athlete experience. The philosophy of the GW Strength and Conditioning program is to maximize the athletic potential of each student-athlete. This goal is achieved by implementing a sport-specific training regimen designed to improve the athlete's performance. This philosophy is based on several factors: Executing mutli-planar ground based movements to gain strength and power in multiple planes of motion to reduce injuries; using a sound plan integrating development of speed, agility and quickness, and conditioning into a year-round plan; and implementing sound nutritional and flexibility programs that will allow the athlete to recover and restore properly. These three factors will allow GW student athletes to be stronger, more powerful and explosive.

Director of Strength & Conditioning
Matt Johnson
202-994-7665 |

Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach:
Brandi Walker
202-994-5632 |

Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach:
Chaz Berry

Strength & Conditioning Grad. Asst. Coach:
Colin Kidwell

Strength & Conditioning Grad. Asst. Coach:
Collin Kohlasch

Strength & Conditioning Grad. Asst. Coach:
Alycia Racicot

Director of Sports Nutrition
Lauren Trocchio, RD


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