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Colonials Invasion 2011

Ten Questions and Answers About Colonials Invasion

What time does Colonials Invasion start?

Colonials Invasion starts immediately after the women's volleyball match versus Fordham. That starts at 6pm. If you can't make it to the match, you're missing out, but we recommend you get to the Smith Center by 7pm if you want to get a good seat for the show.

What's the cost for my parents and friends to attend?

Seriously, it's free for EVERYONE. Bring your parents and siblings in town, your friends from other schools (it's good to make them jealous), and drag your roommates away from the Jersey Shore re-runs and to Colonials Invasion. Your admission is on George!

Where do I go to get in?

Unlike most basketball games, all fans are going to be entering through the main box office on 22nd Street between F and G Streets. Don't like geography or maps? It's the entrance across from the TKE, AEPi and Beta Houses.

Real Talk: Is it going to be any fun?

Yes. George has assured us that you'll be so pumped after Colonials Invasion, you'll want to stomp thousands of Spiders, hunt hoards of Hawks (gaggles? flocks of hawks?), and send Explorers back to wherever La Salle is.

How long will it be?

Colonials Invasion will run for about 45 minutes after the Volleyball match.

Why is Colonials Invasion happening on October 14?

Every year, the NCAA selects a Friday in October to allow the start of official team practices for Division I men's and women's basketball. Schools all over the country usually have celebrations to mark the start of the season and get pumped. What makes ours different? Some people call it Madness, but we get so many fans there that it's an Invasion!

Will I be able to eat?

Concession stands will be open, and you might win free food as part of our great giveaways.

Who's performing?

You'll see the GW Spirit Program, Capital Funk, and our men's and women's basketball teams know how to put on a show.

OMG. What should I wear to a party like this?

We're glad you asked. Wear Buff and Blue. It's not like we'll turn you away at the door if you're wearing other colors, but George will be judging you. Visit the GW Bookstore or buy some sweet GWear at the store.

I've got a different question. Where do I ask it?

Want to share it with the class? Post it on the Facebook event page or send a tweet to @GWGeorge. Otherwise, call us at 202.994.7325 or email