Nov. 10, 2004


NCAA MEN'S BASKETBALL November 10, 2004

GW 106 Randolph-Macon 45 (exhibition)

Postgame quotes

GW Head Coach Karl Hobbs

What do you take away from a game like this? "I like the fact that we got out and ran a little bit. And we didn't practice tonight; we played somebody who was different from what we've been used to the last few weeks [in practice]. But to be honest, I'm not sure what we can take from it, because what we will face Monday will be different in every phase-- speed, style of play, the whole 9 yards."

What does the team need to work on? "I haven't looked at the tape yet, but I will watch the 2nd half, when Randolph-Macon started to score some points. They scored some points off second shots, which is not encouraging. Those would be the things that stand out."

Are you happy with so few turnovers? "That's still a concern for me because we played a team that basically played zone all night. They didn't pressure us or make us have to make plays, so to speak. Yes, I'm happy about it, but it's still a concern."

Do you foresee a lot of time from your bench? "The players will dictate how deep into the bench we go. I'd like to play 9 to 10 people if I can, particularly at the pace we like to play at."

Could any team in an exhibition game adequately prepare you for Wake Forest? "No, and it's not a knock against Randolph-Macon. Next year, I'd like to reevaluate how to handle exhibition games. I've asked my assistant coaches to consider if we might be better off scrimmaging against an ACC team. There are a lot of other issues involved, Of course, you also want to show yourself before your students in the first game. We wanted to give the students the opportunity to see us play."

How are you approaching the game with Wake Forest? "We're going to have to break their rhythm a little bit. Offensively, they're a terrific team. So we've got to be prepared to change our defenses and other things we wouldn't normally do. They also have a great inside game that nobody's talking about, and that's my greatest fear. We have to find a way to neutralize that."

GW junior Mike Hall

What do you take from a game like this? "We took it as a dress rehearsal to work on execution and things we can't simulate in practice because when it's us, we all know the plays. We're just trying to fine-tune things for Monday."

Can an exhibition game against any opponent really prepare you for Wake Forest? "Not necessarily for Wake Forest, given the talen their guards have. But last year, we learned a lot because we played an extremely physical team that prepared us for what college basketball is about. But Wake Forest is a special team. I really don't think anyone could simulate that."

"This is a great opportunity. We really don't have much to lose. They're coming in with the title, and [winning] would start our season off in an amazing way. Or, just starting off showing the country our level of play."

You've started the season at UConn, at Charlotte, and now at Wake Forest. How does it help you get ready for a long season? "It definitely helps, it carries over through the season just given the level the opponent plays at. But also the atmosphere. At UConn, I don't think I've ever played before that many fans. If you can handle that, you can handle anything."

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