The George Washington University: Women's Tennis

Mary Washington vs George Washington (Sep 29, 2007)
Mary Washington 4, George Washington 1
Sep 29, 2007 at Fairfax, VA

Singles competition
1. N/A (MWU) def. Tracy Stecko (GW), by default
2. N/A (MWU) def. Verena Knoedler (GW), by default
3. N/A (MWU) def. Michele Style (GW), by default

Doubles competition
1. N/A/N/A (MWU) def. Nadia Demidenko/Kendall Swenson (GW), by default
2. Madhuri Jha/Jennifer Hirsh (GW) def. N/A/N/A (MWU), by default

Match Notes

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